Slovenian Vegan Dishes

Vegan dishes are plant based and do not contain any meat, dairy or eggs, and are becoming increasingly popular. It is wrong to think that such dishes are difficult to prepare and that special [...]

VIP picnic basket – PHOTO STORY

Every summer something exceptional is recorded in our memories. Experience your unforgettable summer moment on Kunstelj Inn’s terrace with a VIP picnic basket. The small terrace – the most [...]

A new addition to the family

When fate intervenes in life, unbelievable things happen. Maja and Grega have a new ‘addition’ to the family – Vila Sejalec. They discovered this wonderful house in Lesce entirely by [...]

From the garden to the plate

When Jerica Štiherle took over Kunstelj Inn in 1926 she made a commitment to ensure that it would always offer fresh, seasonal dishes, made from local raw ingredients. Therefore, on the farm next [...]

Love never fades

It is said, that love is the force that holds the world upright. At Kunstelj Inn this is true since, from its very beginning, it has been family-run. Maybe it is precisely because of this that [...]