At Kunstelj Inn we always look forward to winter. As soon as snow falls on the hills we get our ski gear out of our wardrobes and head off to the slopes.
Grandpa Tone was passionate about skiing, and enjoying going to the ski resorts both in Slovenia and Austria. He passed his love of skiing to his son Toni, who was fortunate to be able to enjoy his passion for skiing at some of Austria’s finest ski resorts. The story began long ago when two Swiss men arrived at Kunstelj Inn …


Grandpa Tone (in the middle) skiing with friends

They were regular guests who frequently came to the inn and struck up a genuine friendship with the family. Therefore, they didn’t mind when they were served food in the office when their arrival coincided with the inn being full to bursting. It was there that they saw a postcard of the snow-covered Austrian town of Wengen.

They asked Toni if he goes there to ski, to which he replied that he worked in Wengen, however, he had only twice been able to afford the expensive ski passes. The Swiss men just smiled.


Snow-covered Stuben

Some weeks later Toni received a letter which changed his life. It was an offer of work in a luxury hotel in Stuben with a ski pass for the season. Toni keenly accepted the offer that the Swiss men had prepared for him. He left for Stuben where he trained in the hotel kitchen during the day and, during afternoon breaks, enjoyed himself on the ski pistes.



Even if there isn’t any snow during this festive season, it will still be lovely. Skiing and festive holidays are made for relaxing and socialising. This year, to add to the fun, in front of the entrance to Kunstelj Inn we have set up a skiing scene where visitors can stop for a photograph and can also take part in a prize draw to win dinner for two.

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Holidays are a chance to devote time to family and friends. There is nothing nicer than a gathering of a group of people who love each other. At Kunstelj Inn the most precious thing is being able to enjoy such moments accompanied by genuine hospitality, home-cooked food and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Thank you for choosing to spend your holiday moments with us and in the name of the entire team of Kunstelj Inn, we wish you a Happy, Successful and Sociable New Year.

The Buden and Stiherle Family