Those of us working in the hospitality industry are always busy. When not working in the restaurant, we enjoy ‘active rest’ by taking part in sport.
This was, and is, also the case at Kunstelj Inn.

Grandfather Tone had three hobbies, all of which he was passionate about; skiing, hunting, and, later in life, golf. He began to play golf at the age of 62 when, due to a weak heart, he had to give up both hunting and skiing. He was a peaceful man for whom playing golf, especially putting, meant enjoyment and relaxation.


Grandfather Tone enjoyed the peace of playing golf, especially putting

Due to his weak heart, doctors gave him strict orders to avoid all forms of exertion. Therefore, Tone racked his brains how he could most effectively reduce the exertion of transporting his heavy clubs from one hole to the next. He pondered how his faithful companion Grol could help him achieve this. Grol, a Labrador, accompanied him everywhere and was especially indispensable on all hunting expeditions.

Uncle Ivan made Grol a special trolley for transporting Tone’s golf clubs, and Grol adapted excellently to his role as ‘caddy’. At a fast pace and without any difficulties, the strong hunting dog pulled the trolley laden with golf clubs and soon became the star attraction on the golf course.


Grol, the dog-caddy, was the star attraction on the golf course

Ko je Grol zavohal lisico, se je urno kot raketa pognal v gozd in takrat so po zraku letele palice, pa voziček, za njim pa cela horda golfistov.
K sreči se to ni dogajalo pogosto in Grol si je pridobil sloves zanesljivega golf asistenta.

Grandfather Tone and his dog Grol were inseparable friends.

At Kunstelj Inn a love of golf, as with a love of the tradition of hospitality, has been, and continues to be, transferred from generation to generation. Toni, who is the complete opposite of his calm father Tone, also warmed to the idea of playing golf. In addition to adrenalin-fueled heli-skiing, off-piste skiing, and underwater photography, he began to take playing golf very seriously. He has been playing for 34 years, has taken part in numerous tournaments throughout the world and, for eight years, was president of Bled Golf Club. Of all the golf courses around the world, Bled golf course, which is considered one of the most attractive golf courses in Europe, remains his favourite. The renovation works currently taking place will bring it even greater appeal and undoubtedly a place among the rankings of the most prestigious golf resorts.

Maja and her husband Grega also enjoy playing golf at Bled Golf Club. Lately, Grega has been achieving great results at amateur golf tournaments and he played at the golf championship in Moravske Toplice where he earnt himself a place at the world amateur golf championships in the Republic of South Africa.


Maja and Grega are also fans of playing golf