When resourceful Jerica took over the Kunstelj Inn, it soon became renowned as one of the best traditional restaurants in Gorenjska.
Visitors came from all over to savour the homemade delights and to sit late into the night enjoying dinner on the terrace. They were so charmed by the idyllic environment that many of them wanted to stay even longer.

Jerica then had an idea. ”The nights are warm, the straw is soft, the odd extra dinar coming into the house can’t harm”, she thought to herself and offered guests her own home whilst she and her entire family moved to the hayloft!


Grandfather Tone recalls how the entire family slept in the hayloft in summer

One day two rich Swiss hunters, who had decided to spend their holidays in Slovenia, arrived at Kunstelj Inn. They were directed to the inn from Hotel Slon in Ljubljana since all their rooms were fully booked. But, oh dear, the whole of Kunstelj’s house was also full!

All that Grandfather Tone could offer them was the modest house in the middle of the courtyard. In the small house there was only one light bulb, and there wasn’t a bathroom or toilet. It was the quarters of Kunstelj’s employees who just had a wash in the courtyard.


The house where Kunstelj’s employees lived

At first the hunters just looked at each other strangely, then, to their great surprise, all the employees residing in the small house greeted them. And soon it turned out that they found endless enjoyment in their simple holiday residence!

Every morning when they poured water over themselves to have a wash, loud hysterical laughter could be heard Ma che bello! Bellisssimo!” They stayed at Kunstelj Inn for the whole week and then returned every year!


Sometimes Tone also joined the Swiss hunters 

Today Kunstelj Inn offers 10 comfortable rooms (for 2, 3, or 4 people), not only with bathrooms and toilets but also with terraces or balconies, from where there are wonderful views of the Sava river valley and the peaks of the Julian Alps.

At Kunstelj Inn you are surrounded by nature from the moment you wake up until the evening hours, when, in Kunstelj’s garden, you can watch the sun slowly setting behind Triglav – Slovenia’s highest mountain.


Comfortable rooms at Kunstelj

For even greater comfort and well-being of our guests, this autumn Kunstelj Inn plans to renew its roof, and all rooms above the Inn will get a makeover!

Hooray! The wood for the new roof has arrived!

If you have a desire to spend a day or two in the green oasis of Gorenjska, the team at Kunstelj Inn will welcome you into their home.
And don’t worry, you won’t need to wash in the middle of the courtyard!

There are also various special offer packages which include homemade culinary delights, cycling trips or hiking in the surrounding hills.

The best place for your short break is where you feel as if at home. Welcome to Kunstelj Inn!