When Jerica Štiherle took over Kunstelj Inn in 1926 she made a commitment to ensure that it would always offer fresh, seasonal dishes, made from local raw ingredients. Therefore, on the farm next to the inn she grew the majority of crops that were needed to prepare food for the restaurant. Every year when she moved the potatoes into the inn’s cellar, grandmother Jerica said with satisfaction, “The potatoes are in the cellar. Now we won’t be hungry!” Farming was abandoned at Kunstelj Inn in 1968, however, part of the land remains and is still today home to a thriving vegetable and herb garden.

Kunstelj’s garden

The tradition of preparing homemade dishes using local raw ingredients continues today at Kunstelj Inn. In co-operation with the shop 18sedem3, fresh vegetables from local farms are used in the restaurant’s kitchen. 18sedem3 offers fresh fruit and vegetables from surrounding farms as well as a wide variety of products from local dairies and butchers. In addition, it delivers fresh products from surrounding farms to Kunstelj Inn as well as other restaurants and local institutions.

Shop 18sedem3

The dishes that Kunstelj Inn has prepared for the Spring 2017 Restaurant Week (10.3 – 19.3.2017) have a tasty, homely flavour. The local shop 18sedem3 has provided us with home-produced dairy products, vegetables, honey, apples and walnuts, which have been used, together with other selected ingredients, to prepare 2 special menus:


Meat menu

Cornbread muffin with horseradish spread

Beef soup with three-coloured noodles

Wild boar, barley, spring vegetables

Radol’ca cake (honey biscuit, walnuts, apple)

Vegetarian menu

Cornbread muffin with horseradish spread

Spring cream soup with dumplings

Buckwheat bowl (cooked buckwheat and roasted local vegetables with hemp)

Kunstelj’s ‘kremšnita‘ cream slice in a glass




Treat yourself to a fresh, healthy and flavourful meal.
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