“Oh, she is fearless!” said the people who were familiar with our grandmother Jerica. She always knew exactly what she wanted and was not afraid to tell people to their face what was on her mind! She survived two wars, became a widow at a very young age, raised two sons, took over Kunstelj Inn and managed it all by herself.

Jerica was the queen of Kunstelj Inn’s kitchen (on the picture she is cutting meat)

It was important to Jerica that the inn always offered quality food throughout the year. During winter Kunstelj Inn had the traditional pig slaughter and Jerica always called the best butcher to ask him to use the fresh meat to make the best black pudding, bratwurst, sausages and salami. She insisted that all the meat was of the highest quality and professionally prepared. This continues to be Kunstelj’s value as all the meat is supplied by the local butcher Mlinarič.

Jerica’s winter menu offered blood sausages, bratwurst and Carniolan sausage with sauerkraut or turnip, buckwheat polenta with milk, homemade dumplings, and a special kind of stew, called matevž, made of mashed potatoes and beans.

Juicy Kunstelj’s blood sausage with turnip

All these dishes are still available at Kunstelj Inn. They are prepared according to our grandmother’s recipes and are as full-flavoured now as they were back in the days. Recall the good times and enjoy a feast of traditional winter delights that will warm you from the inside.

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