Every great love has its own story. And since March is a month dedicated to love, when we celebrate Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and Saint Gregory’s Day, we would like to share with you the love story of our grandmother Maria.

When there were no mobile phones and Facebook, the young people of Radovljica met and socialised at festivals and often also in the mountains. Our grandfather Tone, together with Slavko Avsenik, used to go to the Roblek mountain, as rumour had it that there were a lot of pretty young girls there.

At that time our grandmother Maria was working in the Roblek mountain hut. She left home at the age of 14, and was earning her living at the Roblek hut. She was a hardworking, young and beautiful girl and when she met our grandfather they immediately liked each other.

Our grandmother Maria (second from the left) doing laundry at the Roblek hut

When love comes knocking on the door, it is best to open it as quickly as possible. Our grandfather brought Maria to his home, they soon got married and the Slavko Avsenik band played at their wedding. .


Due to her great diligence, culinary skills and entrepreneurial spirit, Maria soon became the first lady at Kunstelj Inn. It soon became clear who had the last word in the house. Her special passion was ice-cream. She convinced our grandfather to buy an ice-cream machine, while she perfected a mixture of fresh, local fruit. The result was the legendary Kunstelj ice-cream, for which people waited in long queues in front of the Inn.

Always organised, resolute, and unwavering, Maria was also an expert in the preparation of dumplings, bread and cakes. It is thanks to her that Kunstelj Inn became famous far and wide for its home-made food. Her recipes are still used today to continue the exceptional culinary tradition and honour her memory.


Kunstljeva mama Marija


Show love to the one you care about everyday, but in March even a little bit more.


See you at Kunstelj Inn!


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