Fairy tales usually have a special start. However, life is not a cake, nor a fairy tale. It takes you up and down and all around just to get you to the place you are supposed to be. Life stories are much more juicy and spicy than fairy tales, don’t you think? 🙂 In our stories all the blame is on Rudolf!

Rudolf Kunstelj (1865 - 1912)

Rudolf Kunstelj (1865 – 1912)
Vir: arhiv druĹľine Sartori-ÄŚebulj (foto Alojz Vengar)

Kunstelj Inn was opened in 1873 by his father Franc, but Rudolf Kunstelj wanted more. He had a vision. He believed that the small inn could become the heart and soul of social life and therefore he rolled up his sleeves and bravely set himself to work. He built a large lounge with a stage for celebrations, a wine cellar, a freezer and a veranda with views of the Julian Alps. The renovations placed Kunstelj Inn on the map of the most popular local restaurants in Slovenia.

The Rudolf Kunstelj restaurant in 1906

The Rudolf Kunstelj restaurant in 1906
Source: 110 let Turističnega društva Radovljica

Several theatre performances, concerts and events took place in Kunstelj Inn and it became the focal point for socialising for people from all walks of life.

Gorenjec, 22. 06. 1906

Gorenjec, 22. 06. 1906

Igra »Deseti brat« – dvorana gostilne Kunstelj, 1906
Vir: dLib (zapuščina Jakoba Špicarja)

Op: Igro je reĹľiral Jakob Ĺ picar

Nowadays, the tradition of socialising continues at Kunstelj Inn. In these December days it is even nicer to see the satisfied faces of various groups of people, who enjoy the Menus for friends in the relaxed atmosphere.

Family tradition lives on under the roof of Kunstelj Inn, where we offer our guests what they like most; a homely atmosphere and homemade food.

Welcome to Kunstelj Inn!

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