Taste Radol’ca

Taste Radol’ca is an initiative that unites Radol’ca’s restaurants and inns with a view to promoting local food and local ingredients. Taste Radol’ca connects restaurants which offer dishes typical of the environment and made from locally produced ingredients.

To be able to immediately recognise all members of Taste Radol’ca, each restaurants has a Taste Radol’ca sticker on the front door, whilst the Radol’ca bee symbol, which indicates local dishes, can be found beside the dishes on the menu. The Taste Radol’ca restaurants offer seasonal local food on their menus throughout the year, while each November culinary events are prepared in order to promote the initiative.

In November 2019 the main culinary topic will be the Treasures of the Forest.

Taste Radol’ca is coming back in november 2019.