Dining Rooms

The Old Inn

The Old Inn is steeped in history. Every corner has its own story and the dark wooden benches carry countless memories. The Old Inn is the oldest part of Kunstelj and welcomes guests during winter – from mid-October to April.
Number of seats: 20

The Hunter’s Room

The Hunter’s room is arranged and decorated in a hunter’s style. It is of special importance because it was the favourite dining room of the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito.
Number of seats: 28

The Poet’s Room

The Poet’s room is dedicated to the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren, who fondly looks out from his portrait to his beloved, Juliet. The room is arranged in a romantic style, with huge wooden tables, a fireplace and subtle lighting which allows complete privacy making it perfect for private parties and business meetings.
Number of seats: 16

The Toni’s Room

Toni’s Room is bright, spacious and suitable for a wide variety of gatherings. Bright wooden floors give it a pleasant warm feeling and the walls are decorated with motifs dedicated to golf and skiing – two sports loved by Toni.
Number of seats: 25

The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar at Kunstelj is known to be the only real wine cellar in Gorenjska. In the past its premises were used to store wine in barrels, while the quality of the wine was looked after by the wine cellar master. Today, the wine cellar offers various types of open wines from all the Slovenian wine-growing regions. Taste merlot and pinot noir from the Debenjak wine cellar, Kozana or teran wine from the Pupis wine cellar. Tomaj, or the famous cviček wine produced by Jože Fabjan from Dolenje Gradišče near Štenjernej. Kunstelj collaborates with the best Slovenian wine makers (some of them for more than 60 years!). For groups (min. 8 people) Kunstelj prepares wine tastings, along with cooked cured pork leg, sausages baked in pastry, sage ‘potica’ cake and other local delicacies.
Suitable for 8-80 guests.

The Small Hall

The Small Hall has an elegant feeling of the past. The room is cosy and warm. With a hint of nostalgia it brings to mind beautiful memories.
Number of seats: 56

The Great Hall

The Great Hall is a place of joy, laughter and fun. There have been countless nights of dancing under its roof! The Great Hall is ideal for parties and weddings, as it offers a dance floor and stage.
Number of seats: 100

The Summer Terrace

When the weather brings pleasant temperatures, the summer garden is the most popular place at Kunstelj. Sitting in the shade under a canopy of trees, it feels as if time passes more slowly. The garden opens up to an expansive view of the valley of the Sava river and in the distance you can see the Jelovica plateau and the white peaks of the Julian Alps and Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain.
Number of seats: 50

The Garden

Would you like to know a secret? Guests who visit The Small Terrace claim it is the single most beautiful spot in the Gorenjska region. This romantic green grove invites you to relax and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley of the Sava river, homemade food and pleasant company. The Small Terrace is also the place where Kunstelj prepares VIP Picnics.
Number of seats: 15