Shop 18sedem3

The shop 18sedem3 is a place that brings together all that is best from the local environment. Located just a few metres from Kunstelj Inn it offers fresh fruit and vegetables from the surrounding farms and a wide variety of various delicacies from local bakers, confectioners, cheese makers, butchers, as well as craftsmen and artists. The shelves are bursting with homemade apricot and forest fruits jams as well as different types of honey (lime, floral, fir …), wild garlic spreads, local goats cheese and a myriad of other healthy and local products.

The shop 18sedem3 is also responsible for connecting farmers with the local community. Fresh crops from local farms are delivered to kindergartens, schools, catering establishments and other local institutions. The shop 18sedem3 is a place of tradition and valuable treasures from the local environment.