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The story of Kunstelj Inn began in 1861 when Franc Selezjan Kunstelj bought the Hudovernik cafe in the Zagorec house and he then turned it into a restaurant in 1873. The property, which had a farm in the backyard, began to flourish in 1906 when Franc's son, Rudolf Kunstelj, took over  ownership.

Rudolf Kunstelj

Rudolf Kunstelj (1865 - 1912)
Source: archives of the Sartori-Čebulj family (photo: Alojz Vengar)
Rudolf extended the café into an inn with rooms and built a large saloon with a stage and wine cellar. Kunstelj Inn soon became known as a venue for entertainment and cultural events, and a popular meeting place for locals and people from the surrounding areas.

Restavracija Kunstelj leta 1905

The Kunstelj restaurant in 1905
Source: Pozdrav iz Slovenskih krajev

Restavracija Rudolf Kunstelj leta 1906

The Rudolf Kunstelj restaurant in 1906
Source: 110 let Turističnega društva Radovljica

Oglas gostilne Rudolf Kunstelj, 1908

An advertisement for the Rudolf Kunstelj restaurant, 1908
Source: Illustrierte Reise und Bäder Zeitung
After Rudolf Kunstelj's death, Kunstelj Inn was taken over by the wealthy Radovljica landowner Pavlin and then, in 1926 it was purchased by Jerica Štiherle, grandmother of the Štiherle family. Since then, Kunstelj Inn has been owned and managed by the Štiherle family. Since the name of 'Kunstelj inn' was well-known, Jerica, an enterprising and wise woman, decided to keep it. She also took over the home farm and used the majority of crops for preparing food in the restaurant. Every year, when the potatoes were stored in the cellar, grandmother Jerica happily said, "Potatoes are in the basement. Now we will not go hungry!" Farming was abandoned in 1968, however, the inn retained a part of the land where today vegetables and herbs are still grown.

Restaurant Kunstelj, 1920

The Kunstelj restaurant, app. 1920
Source: archive of Štefan Volk
Jerica handed over the property to her son Anton, who, together with his wife Mary, managed the inn until 1980. At that time Kunstelj Inn gained a wider reputation in part due to the frequent visits by the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz "Tito". In 1965, Tito and his entourage dined in the Hunter's Room, where he enjoyed homemade sausages, pickled cabbage and Cviček wine. Before leaving, Tito wrote in the guest book: "Lunch was excellent ".

Tito v Gostilni


Jovanka, Tito in Toni

Kunstelj Inn remembers Tito every year on Youth Day, which takes place on 25th May. It serves as an opportunity for the revival of good memories and joyful gatherings.

Dan Mladosti pri Kunstelju



The running of Kunstelj Inn was later assumed by the son Toni, who, together with his wife Maria, further enriched the facilities and services offered. Toni and Maria restored all the guest rooms and built an additional four rooms. They also built a winter garden, which facilitates the passage from the small hall to the great hall during winter.

Toni pri delu v Kunstlju



Today Kunstelj Inn is run by the fourth-generation of the Štiherle family. Daughter Maja (married name Buden), who is in charge of managing all the operations, has brought a breath of fresh air and a wealth of new ideas. Kunstelj Inn maintains the tradition of cooking healthy and local dishes, but at the same time it has developed new services and original events. A unique Kunstelj Inn experience is the VIP Picnic. Kunstelj is the only inn in Radovljica where the traditional Radol'ca breakfast is served. Maja also designed the unique grizika cake pop - a sweet treat that has won the hearts of many a Slovene. Together with her husband Gregor, who owns and manages the local shop 18sedem3, they have developed a new range of local products and souvenirs; the Kunstelj honey pot, Radol'ca teas, the Rudolf home-made dark beer and the Kunstelj light beer. Kunstelj Inn is also included in the Taste Radol'ca initiative, which brings together all the best restaurants in the Radol'ca neighbourhood.

Maja z Grizikami